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8 Favorite Beauty Youtubers

During my freshman year of college my suitemate introduced me to the world of youtube beauty vloggers.  I must admit, I quickly became addicted.  If I have any hesitation on makeup or hair products, these are my go-to girls.  They have taught me a lot from winged eyeliner to hair masks. Here are my top 8, in no particular order:… Read more →


4 Campaigns Against the Media’s Portrayal of Women

       Recently I have come across many issues regarding women’s body image in the news.   The media has created unrealistic standards for women, no thanks to the help of photo editing programs.  Young girls have been bombarded with these portrayals and begin to think of themselves as unfit.  This unhealthy message that we are sending to young girls… Read more →



      This is a neat website I have found where you earn points by taking surveys and reviewing products.  Then you can get selected to receive a free package of samples! Who doesn’t love free samples?!   Read more →


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