4 Campaigns Against the Media’s Portrayal of Women

       Recently I have come across many issues regarding women’s body image in the news.   The media has created unrealistic standards for women, no thanks to the help of photo editing programs.  Young girls have been bombarded with these portrayals and begin to think of themselves as unfit.  This unhealthy message that we are sending to young girls and women must be put to an end.  Hopefully some of these campaigns and spokespeople will help to turn this idealistic view of women around.

 5 Minutes Of What The Media Actually Does To Women

1. Aerie


Over the past week, Aerie has announced their new “AerieReal” campaign.  This campaign highlights true beauty by not using supermodels or Photoshop editing.

Aerie’s Unretouched Ads ‘Challenge Supermodels Standards’ for Women


2. Jennifer Lawrence


J-Law can be found all over the internet these days.  She has a very important message to spread: “stop calling each other ‘fat’”.

I Am Livid That A Magazine Did This To Jennifer Lawrence, And My Guess Is She Is, Too

Jennifer Lawrence’s Heartfelt Commentary on Body Image: “It’s Something That Really Bothers Me”


3. Dove


The well known personal care company has had their Campaign for Real Beauty for the past couple years. Makes me wonder why more companies haven’t joined in.

The Dove® Campaign for Real Beauty


4. Pantene


Not too long ago, Pantene released a commercial against labels placed on women.  This commercial says a lot about society and makes one realize that this issue is bigger than you may imagine.

Pantene’s ‘Labels Against Women’ Commercial Hits Scarily Close To Home

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