5 Tips for Filling Out NCAA Basketball Tournament Brackets

With March in full swing, basketball is in the air. As you fill out your NCAA Basketball Tournament Bracket, here are some tips to making successful predictions.

1.  No #16 seed has ever beat a #1 seed.

2. A #1 or #2 team typically wins the tournament.  Last year, #1 seed Louisville won the NCAA Tournament.

3. Pick one #11, #12 and #13 to make it through the first round.  #11 seeds who make it past the first round tend to make it to the Elite 8.

4. Add up your Final 4 seed numbers, if its more than 14 your prediction is unlikely.  A culmination of 14 has made it to the Final 4 only 8 times since 1979.

5. Don’t pick by team colors, jersey, or mascot. Use your head and make justifiable decisions.


Who do you think will win it all this year?




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