5 Ways to Spread the Love on Valentine’s Day

I’ve never been a big fan of Valentines Day.  Don’t get me wrong, as a kid, I loved decorating my Valentines mailbox and receiving candy.  But as I grew up and this was no longer acceptable. I have come to realize that Valentine’s Day is much more than cards and candy.  Valentine’s is also more than telling your significant other you love them,  It’s about spreading love to all.

So with that said, here are some fun activities to do on February 14th!

1. Volunteer


Call up your favorite charity and ask if they need any help.  I know many shelters need help with the extreme cold weather we’ve been experiencing.

2. Pamper yourself


Take a luxurious bath, give yourself a mani/pedi, and put a face mask on.

3.  Hit the town


Gather some gal pals to  go out on the town.  You could grab some dinner, hit up some bars, or go bowling.

4.  Movie night!


Make a list of movies that you’ve been meaning to watch or rent a movies with a theme, such as your favorite actor.

5. Bake some treats


Treat yourself!  Make some scrumptious Valentines treats to share with friends and family.


Here are some fun recipes: 15 Cute Valentine’s Day Treats


If worst comes to worst, eat a bunch of chocolate!

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