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Derby is a few days away and preparation is underway.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with Derby, it is a horse race specifically for three year old thoroughbreds.  The race is held in Louisville, KY at Churchill Downs on the first Saturday of May. It is known as “The most exciting 2 minutes in sports”.  The best way to celebrate the Kentucky Derby is to drink Mint Juleps.



Mama’s Mint Julep Recipe


This recipe makes about 8 cups

2 cups of Sugar
2 hand fulls of mint sprigs  
2.5 cups of Bourbon
Crushed ice


Begin by boiling water and stir in the sugar unit it creates a simple syrup. Once  the sugar is fully dissolved in the water remove the pot and allow the mint to steep.  You can leave the mint steeping as long as you would like, the longer it is steeped the stronger the mint flavor.

After the mint syrup has cooled, pour it into the bourbon and chill.  Your Mint Juleps are now prepared.  Serve them in chilled glasses over crushed ice and with a straw.  For a final touch, ad a sprig of mint!

Let me know how your Mint Juleps turn out!


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